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50’ express car for the C&NW

Part Number: PC-3714

Available late spring of 2020

In the fall of 1941, the C&NW received 500, 50’ single-door boxcars from Pullman-Standard Car Company’s plant in Michigan City, Indiana under Lot 5666.  These were assigned road numbers as Series 68000-68998, even numbers only.  Of these 500 cars, the first 25 - Series 68000-68048 - were assigned to express passenger service, equipped with steam lines and Allied Full Cushion high speed trucks and painted passenger green with DULUX yellow lettering..  Built with Viking roofs and a narrow 6’ Youngstown door, 4/5 Dreadnaught square corner ends for an inside height of 10’-6”.  Equipped with a Universal Power hand brake with Apex Tri-Lok running boards. The remaining cars stayed in freight car brown with the standard Route of the 400 slogan.


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