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50’ automobile cars for the Union Pacific w/end doors

Part Number: PC-3715

Available late spring of 2020

In October 1941, the U.P.’s Omaha shops built 250, 50’ automobile cars equipped with end doors as Class A-50-17.  Cars were assigned road numbers as Series 161200-161449.  Construction was with the lighter side sheeting but with an unusual inside framing resulting in a 4/7 double-row rivet pattens with additional rivets in panel centers, but not the alternate rivet pattern the UP usually applied.  Construction was with a Murphy Raised panel roof and wood running boards. 5/5 Dreadnaught “B” end employing the round (W) corner construction for a 10’-6” inside height.  “A” end end-doors supplied by Standard Railway Equipment Co of Chicago.  Chains for auto tie-downs storage pipes installed below floor level.  Hand brake was by Equipco.  Cars rode on Bettendorf design 50-ton trucks. 


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