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50’ automobile cars for the New York Central

Part Number: PC-3716

Available late spring of 2020

Beginning in December 1939, the NYC’s Despatch Shops (Despatch Transportation Corporation) in East Rochester, NY, built 1,100, 50’ automobile/furniture cars for the NYC.  Road numbers applied were Series 62000-62599 and 64000-64499. NYC Lots 678-B, 694-B and 701-B.  This series of cars used the Murphy Raised panel roofs but with an unusual double edge under the Murphy roof creating double-lapped edges as a further step to prevent moisture seepage.  Ends were 5/5 Dreadnaught 10’-6” inside height design with round (W) corner construction.  The 4/6 panel riveted sides had an unusual horizontal rivet pattern and a long side sill brace and roping staples.  Auto tie-down chain pipe storage below the floor line.  Hand brake was a Universal Power hand brake and the car had wood running boards.  Cars rode on Bettendorf design 50-ton trucks.


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